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Special Delivery

Special Delivery - Tilly Greene Caught this book free on ARe after I saw the author Tweet about it. I met Tilly Greene briefly at AAD (yeah, it seems I met a lot of authors and I did). I loved her sense of humor and she instantly went on my list to check out when I got home. So when I saw it was free, I thought this was a great way to start reading Tilly Greene's books!

Special Delivery is about a certain hot hunk who delivers packages each weekend to the heroine sporting his brown uniform. While Susan Anders fantasizes about her hunky delivery guy, she is way to busy to ever think he would take an interest in her. Attending college, working as a waitress and running a small jewelry making business, she hasn't even had time to pleasure herself.

So when one weekend she gets a special delivery, but from a fill in driver, she has no clue what she is in for. She does try to avoid temptation. She researches the site where the box was sent finding out it sells sex toys. She opens the box and giggles at the contents...and then she takes out the contents for a try.

When the delivery guy shows up the next Saturday, he finds Susan in quite the situation that will spark the libido.

This is an incredibly short story, but you learn enough about the characters to be intrigued and not left out. While I wanted more, you get the hint that their future is going to be a fun and sexy one. This isn't a series, but I hope we might see Susan and her delivery guy again in the future.