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Safeword Quinacridone (Safeword #6)

Safeword Quinacridone (Safeword #6) - Candace Blevins Darkly hard to read but beautifully written. Touched on some dark elements I am not sure I ever want to experience or possibly read about again. It hit "hard limits" with me and I can read a lot, lol. Above all the author has a wonderful writing style even if I am not comfortable with the subject matter. No judgement on the kinks expressed. To each their own. The reason for losing one star was I felt the story jumped from a scene too fast into the future on more than one occasion. I also wanted to see a lot more interaction outside of scenes.

Warning: This is not a light BDSM story. There are many dark elements that will make people uncomfortable.

The author continues to grow in her writing. No two stories are alike. She pushes the envelop on both her writing and the scenes she portrays in her story.

The story is light on actual D/s between the hero and heroine, but there is a big theme of objectification and some watersports. Long term I was a little worried about the heroines mental state. Again, each their own, but I am a huge advocate for safe, sane and consensual. Each of these is used, it was just the long term affects that left me a little concerned. D/s elements do come into play at a club and with other Master/subs they scene with.

Full review to come soon.