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Fall Into You (Loving On The Edge, #3)

Fall Into You (Loving On The Edge, #3) - Roni Loren Oh how I have waited for Grant’s story! The aloof owner of The Ranch has grabbed my interest through all of Roni Loren’s books in the Loving on the Edge series. The Ranch is a BDSM resort right next to a vineyard, both owned by Grant Waters. Through each story, he has read the submissive women down to her nakedness and left me panting for his story.

Grant is feeling a little lost and alone as he hasn’t taken on any new submissive in months. Nothing is grabbing his interest even after he interviews sub after sub for the position. When a car accident on his property lands Charli Beaumonde at his door step, he finds himself awakened for the first time in years. Unfortunately Charli is the younger sister of the guy he saved while army. Now an ex-CIA agent, Grant feels it in his bones that Charli’s accident wasn’t and accident, but what he also feels is Charli is not the submissive that can take his hardcore kinky desires.

Tom-boy Charli Beaumonde is ready for a big time job on the sidelines of football games. She is interviewing and now has a story that could blow away some top names and land her the spot she has always dreamed of. But when they give the job to a bombshell bimbo, Charli’s insecurities rise up. She’s never been good enough for her mom, her boyfriends like her more as a friend, her boss gives the job away and now everyone is being over protective of her.

The one rule Grant had about her stay was never to cross the fence…and Charli defies that one evening, following secretly behind Grant. Boy, does Charli get her eyes opened and mind fired up, but at the same time it tears her down.

For some reason, the words pierced her like barbed wire. She herself had been thinking in the session she was nothing like those women. But hearing him say it with such conviction lashed at the same battered spot her boss had created when he’d told her she hadn’t gotten the on-air position. Not good enough. Not pretty enough.

Charli decides she wants to be as graceful and poised as the submissives she saw at The Ranch and makes a deal with Grant for submissive training. Grant is reluctant at first and tries to show her the error of her thoughts and prove she is not submissive. Unable to resist her, Grant agrees to train her for two weeks, but some of the conditions don’t sit well with Charli.

Grant hasn’t kissed another woman since his wife died in his arms. He blames himself for her death and continues to hold on to her memory. He will have sex with women, but never in his cabin, nor does he ever sleep the night with them. Slowly he uncovers that Charli is the submissive he needs, but refuses to accept. He struggles not to kiss Charli and Charli tries hard not to be hurt by him not allowing her to spend the night. It is heartbreaking to watch Grant continue to keep his dead wife on a pedestal and deny himself what is staring him right in the face.

Watching the transformation of Charli from tom-boy, no make-up, no heels or dress, to a poised, confident woman was interesting. Grant invoked in her all her hidden qualities that she was afraid to allow to surface. While make-up, hair and clothes don’t make a woman, we do see her use her training as a submissive to read people, to respond more affectively and grow stronger in confidence in herself.

More introductions were exchanged, and Grant could sense Charli’s professional image rising like the tide. Her posture turned straighter, her voice firmer, despite the fact that her heart had to be hammering in her chest.

While Grant does own The Ranch, there are scenes both in the club and outside of it. There are plenty of BDSM scenes that I was so into, I forgot where I was at as I was reading them. The story sucked me in and had me turning the pages as fast as I could, only to want to re-read the scenes over and over.

The suspense of who is out to get Charli was the weakest point of the book. I could have done without some of that as it wasn’t the focal part of the story.

Who would I recommend this book too?
1. Anyone who loves a good BDSM book. It isn’t a 24×7 Master/slave book, but a more realistic look into a 2. couple who have careers and enjoy their kink in the bedroom.
3. If you like Cherise Sinclair or Kallypso Masters, you will adore this book!
4. If you have read any of the books in the Loving on the Edge series…they just keep getting better!
5. Anyone who has ever doubted themselves, this books shows how Charli didn’t just fall into the submissive role, but grew into it and into her own confidence.
6. Anyone who has loved someone so much they are afraid to let go. Grant shows you life does go one and can be good once again.
7. Oh, and just because the sex is off the wall HAUT!