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Hour of the Lion (The Wild Hunt Legacy 1)

Hour of the Lion - Cherise Sinclair First off, I haven’t read a bad Cherise Sinclair book. I don’t think she knows how to write a bad book, which is fine for me. This is her first paranormal book, a slight shift away from her normal BDSM based books which I applaud. I love that Cherise doesn’t do cookie cutter books. She invents new ideas and explores areas that I love seeing her write in.

Victoria was such a likable person who just really had a hard life. She wants to do the right thing and get back to work, but it’s not that easy. She is a CIA agent as well and feels she needs to tell her boss what she has found, but she also knows doing that could destroy them. When she sees someone attacked, she jumps right in to help and gets herself caught as well. While the young man is dying he recites a ritual that confuses Victoria. When Victoria escapes, she makes her way to where the boy grew up to let his family know what happens, but when she gets there, she knows to be cautious and doesn’t reveal right away what happened.

Calum and Alec are brothers. One is the alpha who runs the local bar, while the other is the town sheriff. Sharing is not uncommon in shifter packs as their population is low and every woman is cherished, but also usually has litters. These two really are attracted to Victoria, but think she is a human and unable to take them both on. Slowly what happened is revealed and they learn Victoria received a gift from the dying boy that will turn her into their mate.

Told from all perspectives, you know the thoughts and feelings of everyone. This is a menage and with that comes some very hot love scenes between the three. My favorite character was the grandfather of the dead boy. He is gruff, but protective. He doesn’t want to like Victoria, but in the end, she becomes his family.

Put Victoria with to Alpha brothers and wow oh wow, your socks will be knocked off. Give Cherise a try…you won’t regret it.