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Keep It Together

Keep It Together - Lissa Matthews Did Lissa really write a heroine who doesn't like coffee? What's Lissa drinking? Of course, coffee...with Kaluha :) Lissa Matthews writes stories about real people who aren't always rich in a monetary sense, but rich in life with friends, lovers and good food (and a touch of coffee). Now personally, I don't like coffee *gasp*. No I like watered down versions of coffee like lattes, chai lattes and hot chocolate with an occasional mocha if done right. But I digress, this is a review after all, not coffee personalities 101 of Shari.

We meet Chrissie as she comes to the conclusion that her fiance has just left her at the altar. Oh, she saw signs things weren't going the right way, but everyone kept telling her it was pre-wedding jitters. Ahhh, nope, she really did know Russ was going to dump her, but she hoped it wouldn't be so publicly. Really, he did her a favor because they were just not well suited at all. Him a city slicker attorney ready for a social life that he needed a beauty on his arm for. She...well, she likes to shoot guns, work in a sporting goods store, drink beer and eat fried shrimp. But most of all, she is comfortable with who she is. Now this two timing SOB has put a dent in her defenses. But she is a southern lady even if she doesn't take to all the lacy and frills that come with it.

In walks Colt, the half brother of the dubious former groom. Colt falls instantly into lust or love with Chrissie, but he's not the type of man to make plays for his brother's woman. So he watches, never thinking Russ would run. But heck, he isn't going to let Russ ruin his own chances with the woman of his dreams. He checks up on Chrissie the day after the non-wedding when she makes a comment something like "you are the brother I should have married." Well, that isn't going to be brushed under the door. So he gives her six months to get over Russ and then lays siege to make her his bride.

This books has two weddings, one with a shotgun, sexy lingerie, some of the hottest sex scenes, cookies I wish were real and a whole lot of heart. I don't normally go for love at first sight, but this one worked. The two spent time together outside of the bedroom as well as much time in the bedroom. Phone sex...check! Camo lingerie....check! Shotgun sceens...check!

The book isn't too long and can be read faster than I did (life just disagreed with me on how much time I had to read for the week). Plenty of all around good times, a sense of humor, and twisted my panties so tight I don't know if I will need Colt to help me pick out a new set.

So do yourself a favor and check out this stunningly wonderful book!