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To Have A Wilde (Kimani Romance)

To Have a Wilde - Kimberly Kaye Terry First chapter is entirely in the hero's head with maybe two sentences spoken between him and a ranch hand. This kind of trend continued on throughout the story where you got synopsis of conversations that I frankly thought were important. Time was flown over very quickly. I never felt anything for any of the characters. The story did not draw me out and make me care and I wanted to care. I wanted to drool over a Hawaiian rancher. But I just didn't because he wasn't interesting. The first 50% of the book the hero and heroine only have one meeting up and conversation. I know that they already had a history of knowing each other, but it just never felt like it meshed out very well. The grammar is correctly done and the tone was fine, the story just never got around to grabbing me in and making me not want to stop turning pages to see actual human interaction. Sorry. It just wasn't something I enjoyed.