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Rival Clubs, Escape and Justice … Rough Justice by Sarah Castille #Review

Rough Justice (The Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club) - Sarah Castille

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Strong heroine meets Alpha MC President. Fireworks from page one, this one will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering if they will give in to love or travel their own paths in the life they have been dealt.


You never really quite know what you are getting into when you pick up a MC Romance. It could be violent or sweet (yeah, I just read a sweet one). It can pull at your heart strings while also making you cringe at the violence. Well, this one slanted to the violent side with rival MCs trying to take over the town they live in. Truces? A thing of the past. Betrayal? Abounds. Love? Doesn't come easy.


Arianne Hunter has been given a raw deal in life. Daughter to an MC President, sister to a druggie who she is trying to get out of the club and a dead mother who she is sure was killed by her father. When a fateful night of escape comes, Arianne's brother is gone, but so are the fake IDs they needed to escape. Out to save him from a job he is doing for the club, she inadvertently becomes the one they blame. A dead club member of a rival club, no one else to blame and evidence stacking up she was involved, "Lucy's" got some explaining to do :)


Alpha to the bone, Jagger Knight runs his MC, Sinner's Tribe with an iron fist. Fair, but also brutal, he takes what he wants and says to Hell with the rest. When a beauty pops up as the bad guy, he can't really believe it, but he is also attracted to her. But the shit hits the fan when they all find out who she really belongs to.


While there is violence in the story, it is of the milder kind that what I have read in other MCs. These two have the added problem of being from rival MCs with a warrior about to explode. In the end Arianne just wants freedom. Freedom from her father, MCs, the town she lives in and the life she has no choice in. That desire fights with the internal voice that says Jagger is her soulmate. I understood her vulnerability and the need to get out, but at times she held onto her dream for the sake of holding on when something else better might be there for her.


Jagger *sigh* while really rough around the edges is a man with huge amounts of honor. While not everything is wonderful about him, he does support Arianna when no one else will. The balance between getting what he wants and respecting her needs often battles within him. Breaking his heart if she leaves he still gives her the choice when no one else will. He really grabbed my heart, but I wanted to Gibbs smack him a few times. The Sinner's Tribe are criminals. Not going to lie to you.


While I am not a huge fan of MC romances, mostly because of the criminal aspect, I do find the men to be oh so yummy and the women the fiercest protectors.  There is a wide variety of story lines in MC romances and I would say this had it really violent moments and lightly violent moments, its really cheesy moments and its very loving moments. As far as MC romances, I would say it runs the middle of the road. Not too watered down, but then not over the top.


Rough Justice also splits ways with other MC romances....it's not in 1st person POV. Seriously that alone made me happier than a boy figuring out he has a penis. I got two sides of the story and then some, but I loved seeing each perspective without all the I, I , I, me, me, me going on.


For a good time, don't call a number, pick up this book and enjoy a romance that isn't easy, but has lots of passion.


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