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Cowboys for Christmas by Jan Springer #review

Cowboys for Christmas: A Contemporary Western Erotic Romance Menage (Christmas Encounters) - Jan Springer, Julie Naughton

Christmas is over, but you never really want to let go. So I picked up a book I thought would be a good way to say good bye to the season, but it fell flat even with a good premise.


JJ is serving time after killing her abusive stepdad after finding her mother dead by his hand. A lousy defense and 10 years of parole hearings have left her rotting in prison. With over crowding in the prisons, the Canadian government needs a way to reduce population in the form of a Freedom Run. JJ signs up never thinking she will be accepted until she is and now life gets to start over.


Extremely claustrophobic, JJ is medicated for the flight out to a remote ranch where she will cook, clean and help three cowboys run an organic beef ranch. She doesn't think being stuck on a remote ranch will help her problems with a fear of closed in spaces, but she is free on parole so she will do anything to keep that.


Brady is a former lawyer, Dan a chiropractor and Rafe a jack of all trades. They set up this remote cattle ranch and love every minute of it. Including the tons of snow that seems to be falling all the time. Brady instantly falls for JJ, but he wasn't expecting woman. That throws a wrench in his plans. It doesn't take long for Dan and Rafe to also fall hard for her.


So life goes pretty regularly for a bit with JJ creaming her panties over these men just looking at them. (Have I ever mentioned how I hate the word cream used like this...well I do.) They hear her masturbating in the shower and they all steal kisses from her. Within no time at all, they seem to be falling into bed with the great menage on Christmas Day.


I really wanted to love this story. It had such heart for a young woman who was really wrongly convicted. You want happiness for her, which she gets, but it all seemed very silly. In three days she puts in 3 different sized butt plugs for the grand finale. She wears them for what seems to be long lengths of time. I wanted to ask the indelicate question of when did she have time....to well...go if you get my meaning.


The story ends abruptly. Just bang. Done. The sex was kind of boring. Yeah, she gets pounded by three different cowboys, then all three at the same time, but I just couldn't get into it. I ended up skimming to get to the end...and bang it was there like I made a wish.


So if you are looking for a menage story with a little heart, then you have it. If you are looking for a great menage story, then I would head over to Nothing Between Us for a deeper look into love in a triad.

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