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Messed Up...not romance...Her Master's Teacher

Her Master's Teacher - Lily White

Disclaimer: This is for the 18 and older crowd. It contains rape, abuse, murder, and so much more I don't want to remember. It is not a romance, it is a mind fuck. 


I don't know what I thought this was going to be when I bought it. I guess I thought it was all consensual. That Claire was part of the Society and wanted to be trained to be a courtesan. Boy was I ever wrong.


See Claire is a professor of psychology at a local college. Each day she is intrigued by a student, who is arrogant and egotistical. She is also scared of him, not knowing really why. But as spring break approaches, she looks forward to nothing more than going to Florida for a spa, beach and relaxation. We don't really know much about her other than she is a daughter, sister, friend and hopes to be a mother some day.


Holland Strong is the youngest Master in the Society. Or really the youngest Master being trained by Aiden, a respected Master in the Society. Together they kidnap women based on orders they receive (for lots of money). They break down these women, break they psyche and then build them to be the courtesan their new owners want them to be. Now how I have describe this in no way gives away just how diabolical this story is and how you will need therapy after reading it.


Holland kidnaps Claire and so the story begins of her rape, degradation, falling in love, humiliated and broken down to be the perfect courtesan.


This is not a romance.

This is dark, horrible and something that makes me want to throw up.

This is not something I ever want to read again.


And despite that, it was horrifyingly brilliant in that the characters never change. They stay true to who they are...except for Claire, who does change. Aiden is a horrible, sadistic bastard that I would have no problem putting a bullet through his brain. Holland, while somewhat more acceptable, still need to have the crap beaten out of him and to spend his life in prison. And this society shit...it scares the living crap out of me.


The brutality of this story is frightening. The rapes are horrible. The men are not even likable. Claire was the one shining reason I kept reading. I wanted so much for her to be saved. I wanted her to be able to heal, to get away. 


I fully admit I skipped a few chapter. Self preservation. I in no way could read all that was done. I found not enjoyment out of this book. 


No recommendation. I do not recommend this to anyone and will walk away from this hoping I can forget it forever.