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SoloPlay - Miranda Baker Alisa Mane has just been dumped by her boyfriend who calls her frigid. Desperate to have an orgasm and understand her body, she goes to Come Again, a sex toy shop. There she meets Crystal, a psychic. For a brief while, Alisa and Crystal have a relationship, but Crystal really is a lesbian, whereas Alisa is not. In walks Mark Winters, a sex toy designer building his company up by looking for toy testers. So begins Alisa's testing of SoloPlay toys as SoloGirl. But when Mark wants to start up DoublePlay, sex toys for couples, he goes after Alisa for more than just testing data, but will Alisa want a partner to test with, after all she is SoloGirl.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. Some of the sex toys they used are pretty common, and others I wanted to get my hands on! It is a short story and the second in the series. You don't have to read the first one to understand what is going on. Both books (Bottoms Up) stand alone in their own right, but do have cross over characters.

At first I really didn't care for Mark. He seemed very egotistical, thinking he can get laid anytime he wants. Alisa's character was someone a lot of women could relate too. Not knowing who to have an orgasm isn't that uncommon. The author doesn't go into much about the ex-boyfriend, but you find out right away he is married. So that begs the question, was he really her boyfriend? They met at a coffee shop and had sex on her lunch hour? Doesn't make for boyfriend material to me.

I would highly recommend checking this book out for a quick fun afternoon read!