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Slave - Cheryl Brooks This is a very hard review to write. I didn't enjoy the story at all. While it might be easy for some to rip apart a story, I cannot. I will just highlight a few things I didn't like and leave it at that.

1. First person narrative. This turns me off before I can even get going.
2. Too many unbelievable things. It is Sci-Fi, but come one, a lot was unbelievable.
3. I didn't feel the heroine actually loved the hero. Just no chemistry.
4. To believe that there is a world of slave women, but the women actually rule the world...I don't know it just didn't seem well thought out.

I will stop there. Basically, I didn't like the story. I kind of want to read the next one, but have already decided I need to move on and try it after I have had time to forget this one.