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Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian Deeper Than Midnight is the story of Corinne and Hunter. Corinne is the daughter of a powerful vampire in Detroit, who was kidnapped a long time ago and just recently rescued by the Order. Hunter is a vampire conceived by the enemy, Drago, who freed himself and pledged himself to the Order to fight.

I love this series, but this book let me down. While I like Chase, he needs his own book and to leave Hunter's story to this one. Hunter to me is a tragic soul who needed love to survive even though he didn't know that. The Order's compound is compromised so Hunter and Corinne are on the run to find more information about Drago's and on a secret mission of Corinne's to find her son she bore while in captivity.

What really got me upset is how it kind of ended for them. They find Nathan, they fight, he runs off, he comes back. That's it. They don't go into any of where they went after they found Nathan. Nothing about how they try to rehabilitate him from killer to a boy. It's like the author didn't want to write about the hardships of what happened next.

So while I like this series and was so looking forward to Hunter's story, this one left me feeling flat.