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Night Walker - Lisa Kessler This was a refreshing new book from a wonderful author I follow on Twitter. This is my book review account, so I follow her with my private Twitter account. I have waited a while to read her work. Night Walker did not let me down.

There is something about a man mourning the loss of his soul mate for over 200 years. And that man being a defrocked priest turned into a Night Walker, similar to a vampire, but different too. At first you see the future with brief glimpses into the past. It let's you see what happened in the past at relevant moments. The heroine's soul is reborn into Kate, thrusting the Night Walkers past well into the future. With intrigue coming from a fearful group within the Catholic Church, action abounds.

My emotions were engaged early on, feeling the hero's unfulfilled love. The heroines dreams led me to yell at her to remember. Their love was felt deep in my heart!

Loved this book.