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Enticed by His Forgotten Lover (Harlequin Desire) - Maya Banks I won this book on Twitter and thought it looked like a good book to read on a Saturday afternoon. My review will be honest based on how I felt about the book, not how I felt about winning it.

So what happens when a wealthy hotelier, Rafael de Luca, looks at Bryony Morgan and asks, “Have we met?” A right hook comes flying at your face! Bryony, pregnant with Rafael’s baby, has come to confront the man she loves for loving and leaving her. The problem: Rafael was in a plane crash and has short-term amnesia, not remembering anything from a month before the accident. Now Rafael really has a reason to remember, but what will he remember?

Enticed was a fun quick read. Rafael and Bryony have to go back to finding out if they love each other and if the weeks they spent together was really real. Bryony never has fallen out of love with Rafael, but did Rafael ever love her? Rafael has such a hard time believing he was the sweet, caring man she fell in love with since he knows he is a ruthless bastard. The story keeps you guessing as to if he played her for the land she was selling or if he really did fall for her and the accident delayed them meeting.

While it wasn’t a deep story, it was engaging, sweet, heartfelt and sometimes disheartening all in one book. This series is a cute relief to some bigger series. So if you are looking for a quick afternoon story, this is a good book to pick.