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Breaking Free - Cherise Sinclair Beth a submissive. A submissive who bears scars both physically and mentally from a brutal Dom. She is now on the run, staying in the shadows, but unable to deny she has submissive needs. Now she is settled as a landscaper and has joined Club Shadowlands, choosing Doms who don’t push her boundaries or overwhelm her, fearing she will fall into a bad situation and repeat past mistakes. But Master Z won’t allow her to continue in his club this way. He gives her an ultimatum, accept the Dom of his choosing or lose her membership in Club Shadowlands.

Master Z asks Nolan to take on the troubled sub. Upon meeting Beth, he can see that she is too scared to let go and be free in her submissive needs. He takes control, pushing her boundaries. Compelling her to submission with firm control, but terrified, Beth fears the feelings Master Nolan invokes in her. Beth starts to heal and realizes Master Nolan is more than just her Master, but may also be her love. Nolan grows to care for Beth and wants to know more about what terrifies her and possibly grow more outside of the BDSM relationship.

You don’t need to have read either of the first two books in this series to enjoy this one. It stands on its own feet and goes deeper into the submissive mind of someone who has been abused. This is not light reading, having dark edges of abuse, BDSM, and suspense. Cherise Sinclair deals with a lot of different emotions, dark situations and a sex life some would say is kinky. But I found this book to be more real about how abuse affects a woman. How do you deal with it afterwards and move on? It was a break out of just a simple BDSM book. The growth of the characters in this book was interesting to watch. Nolan pushes, Beth grows stronger. You learn that while Nolan may be the Master, Beth truly controls his actions towards her. Overall, I enjoyed seeing a different side to romance and in particular BDSM romance. The book was darker than her normal books, but still a very good book.