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Sapphire - Jeffe Kennedy NetGalley ARC

M. Taylor Hamilton is a woman who knows what she wants: success. She has worked hard overcoming her childhood and is on course to make her goals a reality, but all she has in her life is her job, grocery shopping and the gym. While working on a deal, she meets Adam Kirliss. Adam attempts to hit on Taylor, but she thwarts his attempts and he takes it gracefully...or does he?

With the deal complete, the CEO has a party on his yacht, but it gets spiced up when Adam handcuffs her to the railing giving her one of the most amazing orgasms. Taylor shoves off the memories of the night as succumbing to champagne, but Adam won't release her. He sets up a date. A date she can't refuse. The only rule being the safe word he gave her....and obey everything he tells her to do.

I enjoyed this book, but also cringed a lot as I read it. While I knew there would be elements of BDSM, it was very deep for a first encounter. First off, I don't really know how Adam "knows" all about Taylor and what she needs. He pushes her hard, demanding she let loose and give in to him. He does say he doesn't want a slave, which confused me on if this was just a one time thing or if she was becoming his submissive. The library is set up for BDSM, so I would say this was not a one time thing. He is in total control and nothing seems to be taboo or off limits. In fact they never discuss any limits on what he is allowed to do and what she will not let happen. I do applaud the use of a safe word, but I felt at times she needed to use it and was too stubborn to do so.

This book is very dark. It deals with a lot of internal feelings that are bottled up. Adam chisels at Taylor creating cracks in her glossy finish. The things he does to her are harsh and often I was saying her safe word for her. What I think the problem is, is that Taylor really had not been exposed to BDSM and to suddenly be in such a tough situation and take it like someone who has done it a while really concerned me. I know the book is a novella and you can't just drag the book out, but it seemed fast for a first session in BDSM.

While I liked this book, it wasn't the best BDSM book I have read. It does deal with spankings, anal penetration, being tied up, orgasm denial, etc. So be far warned, it's not a typical romance book. It is deeper and darker than a lot of typical romance books. Not to be so harsh on Adam, he does have a lot of redeeming qualities, but you don't see those until after the major scene in the book. It might have been nice to know more about the characters before going so deep. Overall, it was a good book, but definitely not a book everyone would be interested in.