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Pink Buttercream Frosting - Lissa Matthews A long time ago...wait it was only exactly 2 years ago, I bought a book about frosting. Reading it, I fell in love with the author's style, but wanted to read longer stories. Speed up a 2 years later and I have read every book she has written that I can find. Lissa Matthew's came out with a book called Masked and mentioned on her blog that one of the main characters, Thor, was in this book. So after I finished Masked, I pulled this book out of the archives to read it once again.

Aidn is a much sought after Dominant in a local club called Abyss. After a traumatic split with a submissive years ago, he only takes on trainees and one-night submissives. But he has come to realize he is bored with the same things and vanilla just isn't for him any more. Unfortunately, he has a hard time reconciling this with himself.

Bailey is coming into her own. After not being able to work out her marriage, she has divorced and started her own bakery business. She knows Aidn from causal meetings at the Abyss, but never thought of him seriously knowing his reputation. When he approaches her outside of the lotion shop she can't believe he wants to have sex with her. She is comfortable with herself, but she knows not everyone is into larger women.

The have a steamy afternoon in her place above the bakery. From the counter-top to the bed, they both believe this is just a one time affair, but Aidn gets the feeling she is the submissive for him and runs in fear. This is the theme for the story. She is ready to accept her submissive side and knows Aidn is the one, but Aidn can't let go of the past and continues to leave her several times during the course of this novella.

While I understood why he had a hard time with what happened with his ex, it is no different from someone who gets a divorce. Eventually you have to get back up and if it falls in your lap, you deal with it. He always seemed to be running and using Bailey and he knew it. I liked his character though. He struggled and eventually realized he needed to let go of the past. Bailey...I adore this woman and I want her frosting recipe. I can just imagine sitting down and eating a whole bowl of it. It's a dream of mine to own a bakery like hers...but it is only a dream for me since I can't make anything but a standard store-bought cake. That's just another reason I love this book. It speaks to my dreams.

The characters are hot! The supporting characters flint in and out of the book quickly. It's a fun quick read!