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A Shot in the Dark - Christine d'Abo A Shot in the Dark is the second book in a trilogy about the Long siblings. Paige Long owns a coffee shop along with her sister Sadie and brother Ian. Three years ago she had a very hard breakup with someone who thought beating her was what BDSM was all about. It took a particular beating for her to realize this wasn’t what it was all about. Leaving him and the lifestyle behind, she has put all of her energy into starting the coffee shop and helping to run it. Now that the shop is established, she still has little time, but can’t help taking a long look at a customer, Carter.

Carter has seen Paige from afar and is instantly attracted to her. He is a Dom, a very hot, steamy, incredibly hot Dom who knows the meaning of being in control. He drags a group of friends to the coffee shop before heading to the sex club Maverick’s, just to see Paige. The two talk, but Paige puts up all kinds of barriers. Not giving up, Carter comes back again to see her and asks her out on a date to Maverick’s…just for drinks of course.

When they meet, Carter knows instantly that Paige has had a bad relationship, just not the details. He convinces her to go to a private room with him at the club. There he is very clear she can stop anything at any given time. Paige is forced to face her fears, and come to terms that this is her life and she can’t hide from it. Throughly satisfied he is the real thing, she continues the relationship afterwards, but will they be able to overcome the issues still in their way?

Let me say right off…I am in love with Carter! He is the perfect man and Dom in this book. His character understands what it means to be a Dom and he doesn’t abuse that power…in fact he knows the power is really all Paiges. He gives her what she needs but also gives her the way to stop things if it is too much. He never pushes for more than Paige is willing to give. The power scenes were hot! The spanking was in no way gentle, but it was not a beating. There is even a cupping scene which I had never read about before but sounds interesting. I don’t want to say to much more because that would ruin some great scenes.

If you like BDSM books, then I am telling you this is a fabulous one! Check it out! Even if you aren’t into BDSM books, this is just a really well written story that made me fall in love with the characters.