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Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh The Psy have spent forever purging their emotions through a program called Silence. Rehabilitation the only remedy for Psy who do not follow the Silence program, a certain death if not to the body then to the soul.

Sascha is Psy. But not just any Psy, a Cardinal Psy, who thinks she has no special powers. She struggles day to day putting up barriers to make sure no one in the Psy figure out her secret "flaws".

Lucas is changeling, leopard, who is Alpha of the DarkRider pack. Alpha at an early age after he avenges his parents brutal murders. He is filled with emotion, and dominance of taking care of his pack.

When a brutal murder happens in Lucas's pack, he takes on finding who the murderer is within the Psy. Together, Lucas and Sascha work to bring down the murderer and fall in love along the way. Sascha learns she is a special Cardinal Psy, but you need to read it to find out more.

There was a new book out in this series and generally, I don't like to read books out of sequence. So to get to the newest book, I went back to the first one.

At first I had a hard time grasping the PsyNet. But the author did a wonderful job of explaining it. There are also a lot to learn about the changelings as with each new series, they have their own twists to put to the story.

I can't say I was drawn in too much by emotions, maybe I am Psy. The bed room scenes were ok, but not exceptional. I found myself drawn to some of the other characters and hoping to get to hear their stories as I read through this series.

I find this review hard to write as the book wasn't horrible, but neither was it my all time favorite. I am hoping because it was the first, I just got too hung up on details of this world.