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Play of Passion - Nalini Singh Let me tell you this was one hot book that I wasn’t ready to stop reading on at the end!

Drew Kincaid is the heart and glue that holds the pack of SnowDancer together, but not many people know what he does except hunt rogue changelings who’ve lost control. He is the hunter and a dominant male in the pack, without the status of Lieutenant to prove it while he still reports directly to the Alpha. His easy going, lovable personality allows him to gather intel others just can’t.

Indigo Rivers is a Lieutenant, or right hand of the Alpha. She is also very dominant and can’t see herself ever being the submissive mate to a dominant male. Expecting her mate to be more dominant than herself, she is puzzled by the attraction she feels for Drew, someone she can’t put into a compartmentalized hierarchy. While the relationship is ambiguous at best, there is also the fact that Drew is 4 years younger than her making the dominant issues even more complex.

But Drew has his heart set on Indigo and won’t let a little dominant issues get in his way. While Indigo pushes back, Drew pushes forward with a courting any woman would love to be on the receiving end of. How many chocolate kisses can one woman eat and never gain a pound? Roses, chocolate, lots of food…the courting is a foodie fest!

Unfortunately, the Psy now have their sights on San Francisco and everyone is in their cross hairs. The Council is breaking apart around the issue of Silence. We know where a few of the Counsilors stand, but not all of them. I was disappointed we did get to see any of Kaleb in this book. But we did learn a little more about Nikita, Anthony, Henry and Shoshanna. Two camps start to form…those dedicated to Silence in its purest form and those that realize Silence is failing. Pure-Psy has their sights on correcting the balance and taking control. The battle is coming.

Nalini Singh did a great job once again putting two dominant characters together and making it work. I love a strong woman who isn’t afraid of who and what she is. Indigo is that and more. You see her softer side with the story of her sister or how she is in charge of the younger teen members of the pack. She guides with a strong hand, but can also listen to their problems and help guide them. Then there is the strong male that is the perfect counterpart to Indigo. Drew isn’t a push around, but he also is the one everyone knows they can come to with their problems. He does have the dark job of killing rogues who can’t be brought back. While that hurts him deeply, he is a man who knows that it is for the best of the pack and does it for the pack. The two have huge hearts and strong personalities, so it takes time to learn to grow with each other. Learn to deal with issues that are bound to show up.

Wow! That sums up this book pretty well, but you want more I know. I put off reading this book mostly because I didn’t want to stop reading the series. I wanted to drag it out…take each book slowly…enjoy it like fine chocolate. But now I am racing to catch up because I just want to know…everything. When I say dominant above, I am not referring to the BDSM kind of dominance. This is more a hierarchy. Unfortunately, Drew doesn’t fall within the normal hierarchy, which causes the conflict between the characters. Indigo clearly is dominant and high up in the hierarchy, while Drew’s place in it is while not unknown, murky at best. This creates the majority of controversy besides the Psy secret operations.

If you haven’t started reading this series, you don’t know what you are missing. While I love the series, I tend to like the stories with the changelings in them more than the somewhat “humans”. While those non-changeling books aren’t bad, they just aren’t the ones I want to go back and read. This book has re-readability all over it.