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Bound to Please - Lilli Feisty Ok, not great. Review soon.Bound to Please by Lilli Feisty
Genre: Contemporary BDSM, Older Woman/Younger Man

Ruby Scott is a quietly graceful 37 year old event planner, in business with her friend Meg. Recently broken up with her boyfriend Ash, she has vowed off on artists of all kinds, believing they will leave her no matter what. Having posed for bondage photos with her ex, Ruby knows her desires run a little darker and kinkier than the average woman.

Mark St. Crow is an up and coming new musician with his two best friends. Having women throw themselves at him is nothing new, but he has grown tired of this. Turning to BDSM to help him deal with the feelings he has, he has become a respected Dom.

When Mark sees the elegant Ruby across the room at an event she is running, he knows what he wants. He teases and torments Ruby at the party, invoking a promise from her to come to his show. Afterwards, they embark on a deep and passionate spanking and love scene. This is where Ruby wants to end it, knowing her heart will be broken, but Mark won’t let her run away from him.

I really wanted to love this book, but struggled to even finish it. Not because it was horrible, but it just wasn’t interesting me. When I imagine things in a book, I like to draw the picture in my mind. I didn’t really understand the type of music Mark played so it ended being techno in my mind and I couldn’t get it to go away. When she talks about how Ruby likes vintage clothing, I kept picturing some weird clothing, so when Ruby was in sweats, I just couldn’t picture it.

There is an age difference of about 8 years between them, with Mark being younger. You never get the feeling Ruby is desperate to find a connection because of age. What you do feel is that she is desperate for a normal guy even if there is no passion there. She runs from the kinkier side of herself, but just as quickly gives into Mark after he keeps after her. He never pressures her into anything. She does have a safe word, but he played her body like a fine instrument. Age never really seemed to be the problem in the book, which it wasn’t with me either.

The story comes down to Ruby having to decide if she can put up with the musician who can’t be home all the time and will leave but its not a good-bye. And Mark needs to decide if he can have a relationship where he can be happy and not repeat his parents mistakes.

The book was just good. Nothing really reached out to grab me. The scenes were just … nice. I didn’t see any heavy, lusty steam roll off my Kindle. It was just ok, but I recommend it because it might be better in your point of view.