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Cracklin' Rosie (Blue Jeans and Hard Hats #2) - Lissa Matthews Rosie loves food. She runs a popular food blog, and owns her own restaurant. Life is good for her and she is happy with the way things are. When a storm blows through, it drops more than just a tree on her house…it blows in a sexy handyman who is going to fix her roof…and destroy her easy going life with steamy dreams.

Now she not only wants him on top of her…roof that is, but behind her, under her, beside her. You get the point. But that will mess up Rosie’s easy going life. She realizes she wants him to give her the red striped bottom she longs for, but no one in the town knows her persuasion.

Decker comes to town on the recommendation of Buck, the hero from the first book in this series. He’s a wanderer who is ready to settle down in the lush beauty of Blue Ridge, Georgia. When his first job is to repair the roof of Rosie’s house, he is turned on by Rosie’s sharp tongue in more ways than one. He won’t let her slide by with her sharp comments, but pushes into her life with a few well placed kisses and a few well placed slaps on her behind.

Can he tame Rosie enough to let him into her life?

I loved Rosie…I mean loved her! She is an mature woman (not old) who has lived her life in small town Georgia doing what she loves. She can’t confide her need for spankings to anyone in town, so she drives to bigger cities to get what she needs from time to time. But when she sees Decker all she can think about is him, how he makes her crazy and turned on at the same time. She wonders what it would feel like to be spanked by him.

Throughout the story, Rosie keeps putting up roadblocks and Decker keeps tearing them down. He buys land next to hers and plans to stay on, thoroughly upsetting Rosie. She thinks she can play and he will leave, but that isn’t what Decker wants. He wants a curvy, mature woman to bend over his lap and let him play.

There are a lot of sex scenes in this book. Hot! Lissa Matthews has a way of making them all interesting and unique. The controversy of a onry woman and the younger man who wants to take her on is fun to read. Give it a try!