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Their Virgin Captive - Shayla Black, Lexi Blake As soon as the brothers Gavin, Dex, and Slade saw Hannah, they all wanted her. Her sunny disposition and take care attitude made them love her more and more each day. But Gavin is hiding a secret in his past and will make no attempts to make Hannah his. When they find an envelope of pictures of Hannah, they find out she is being stalked. Dex and Slade decide to take matters in their own hands and profess their love for Hannah while kidnapping her to protect her. But Gavin, won't let them do it alone, so the three take off to Alaska with Hannah in tow.

Unknown to the men, Hannah has loved them all for just as long, but never thought she had a snowball's chance in Hell with them. Her surprise takes on a dark turn when she is spanked by Slade on the trip to Alaska for not telling them about the stalker. They also find out she is a virgin, but still get her off while all three men watch her.

And the story goes down hill from here. The authors betray Hannah as a sweet, small town girl, who just gives it up freely to the brothers along with being their submissive. She takes it all in stride, well she does try to escape once or twice, but that just seemed silly.

I never felt any deep emotions or connections with any of the characters. They all just seemed silly and artificial. The drama wasn't even that great. The stalker comes to Alaska to hunt her down as well. It just wasn't evoking any emotion other than disbelief in me that I was reading authors I liked and they weren't delivering a story I could believe.

It just was a blah books for me. Maybe it will work for you.