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Pulled Long - Christine d'Abo This is the third and final installment in the Long Shots series about three siblings finding love. Sadie, Paige and Ian have given up a lot to start their own business, Pulled Along. Working longs hours has left little time for romance, let alone a personal life. But now Sadie and Paige have found love and Ian is alone after finding out “Blue Eyes” is going through a divorce. “Blue Eyes” is a customer that has flirted with Ian through all the books. You don’t find out his name until this book, and you learn he is a bi-sexual to Ian’s gay. Where Ian feels he is the rebound from a divorce, Jeff thinks anything but. Jeff is confident in his sexuality and doesn’t apologize for it.

Ian has had a lot of bad relationships. His father doesn’t remember him. His ex-boy friend thinks Ian poisoned him with gayness. So Ian has gotten shy around finding someone to love. He can’t get over the fact that Jeff was married to a woman, or the fact that Jeff is bi not gay.

Jeff is successful, but works long hours. In the last book, he runs out of the coffee shop after Ian finds out he is getting a divorce. Months later he is walking home and passes by the coffee shop. He can’t resist going in and pressing how much he wants Ian.

Most of the issues in this story stem from Ian not believing himself worthy of love and a noose around everyone’s neck. He has to overcome and realize everyone is responsible for their own destiny. Punishing himself monthly with a call to his father, burning anyone who tries to love him, he struggles constantly to be comfortable with himself.

The love scenes are incredibly steamy. A lot of public display seems to turn them both on. You get to see Paige and Sadie again, which shows how much family is important to each of the family members. Mavericks even plays a part in this story, even though Ian has never been there before in his life until this book. We see Josh again for a very short time. In fact, I want a book for Josh…he just is the type of person I want to get to know!

While I enjoyed the book, I really am not into M/M books. That doesn’t stop me from reading and enjoying them, it just isn’t my cup of tea. The book is long enough and truthfully I think Ian shows feelings a lot of men would have in this situation. Give this book a try, it is worth every penny you spend on it and more. Christine d’Abo has a unique and wonderfully talented writing style I am going to enjoy for many more books.

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