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Bind Me - Stacey Kennedy Full Review: http://seducedbythebook.com/?p=1754

After a night of fun, four best friends make a pact to help each other achieve their deepest sexual fantasy. Drawing straws decides the order the pact will take place, with Marley getting the shortest straw.

Marley’s fantasy is to be dominated. She is a school teacher and in control of everything all day. Letting go of the control, being punished, but also being pleasured are her fantasies. Tie her up and spank her bottom, that’s what she wants. Marley’s friends sign her up on the Castle Dolce Vita website, describing what she is look for and needs in a Dom.

Reed is a Dom at Castle Dolce Vita, a sex club catering to various sexual needs. Two years ago his heart was broken by his submissive. While he has continued to dominate, he hasn’t had sex with any submissive in all this time. He has become bored with the monotony. When he sees Marley’s post, his body and mind come alive as well as his cock. Contacting her, he sets up a date for a scene with no intention of it going any further. Playing Marley’s body like a violin, Reed must decide if he can get past his own limits and open up to the possibility that he might love again.

Squeeeeeee! This was one hot book! The pact was a little corny, but I can see that each book will be hot based upon what each woman’s fantasies are. Marley was fun to watch. The pact made her nervous, but when the night actually comes to fulfill it, she doesn’t back down. Nervous or not, she is going to get what she wants. She is a strong submissive, but a natural one as well. Listening to Reed, she follows what he says and when she doesn’t she learns her lesson fast. Reed is a little harder to read. He loves how responsive Marley is. Gets into her beauty and natural grace, but he holds back not wanting to get involved and have his heart torn out again.

After the scene, there is a blunder on the part of Reed! I wanted to smack the shit out of him for running. No matter what happens, Doms do not run away after a scene just because their emotions are jumbles…just imagine how Marley felt.

He does redeem himself, but I find it hard to forgive a Dom…but I guess he was overcome with emotion like everyone else.

Most of the book takes place at Castle Dolce Vita which sounds like a very wonderful place to go to. Too bad it is fictional and by invitation only. So take my invitation and try out this wonderful first book in the Pact of Seduction Series!