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The Darkest Surrender - Gena Showalter If you haven’t been reading the Lords of the Underworld series, then you are missing out! A long time ago, the Greeks made a group of warriors that were immortal, but were never born. The warriors were loyal, but jealousy raised its ugly head when Pandora was put in charge of Pandora’s Box, which held the demons from Hell. Not taking this lying down the warriors released the demons from the box and slayed Pandora. The Greek Gods were unhappy with this. Their punishment was to shove a demon into each of the warriors and cast them from the Heavens. Each warrior has their own demon…death, defeat, lies, hope, wrath…and many more.

This is the story of Strider, keeper of Defeat. To lose, Strider feels unbearable pain, but to win he feels incredible pleasure. So everything is a challenge to his demon. Where winning is his world, his ego also has grown with each win.

Kaia, the Disappointment is a Harpy born of a mother with no heart. At a young age she frees a consort of another Harpy, causing a massacre that has left her on the outskirts of her race for thousands of years. Her sisters have her back through everything though. Now she has been invited to participate in the Harpy Games or die. She doesn’t need the distraction of Strider, but she can’t get away from the love she feels for him even after he turns her down again and again.

Deciding to help Kaia, Strider becomes her consort for the course of the games. But no one ever said that it would be easy to protect a harpy, but also gain the prize of the Pairing Rod he so desperately needs. He must decide between doing what is right and doing what he needs to do to save himself and the other Lords of the Underworld.

Let’s get this started…I am not a fan of Strider. There said it…and now I challenge him to make me say different. Oh, wait he is fictional, darn. The constant ego checking is annoying. Then there is Kaia…nothing against her, but I just don’t care for harpies. Overall, they just are too brutal for me. While I like some snipping between characters and was impressed by how many came out from them, it got old fast. The constant challenging, snipping, denying everything…just old. The brutality at times had me wanting to put the book down.

This all shocked me as I have been a huge fan of this series since I found it. It just wasn’t my favorite characters. Then there is William…oh William. I know why you did what you did, but it was just too much for me even though it wasn’t totally described what happened. Maybe I need to go back and re-read the first books to see if I was just not in the best state of mind for this book, or if it was as over the top as I thought it was.

There were several side stories that gave you hints into the next few books. Where would we be without Paris? I have been dying for his book for a long time…well, his is next and I can’t wait! Then there is William, which already mentioned…he’s not looking so good now. Kane had a pretty big role as well and we now have insight into his story and it is a dosie! I can’t wait!

So while I didn’t like Strider or Kaia as much as I wanted, I liked the entire story of the series. All the characters make it work even if one story isn’t all I wanted. Sorry if this gets people…I know there is a Strider cult following, I just can’t seem to get into it.