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Twisted Up - Lissa Matthews Twisted Up starts off long after the two characters have met, has sex and at least one of them has fallen in love. Being a shorter book, the author tends to drop you into the book past the beginning and briefly describe what happened before. It is a very interesting way to move forward more quickly and get to the action and what you really care about.

Justin is tired of waiting on Ella to decide what she wants. He has given her the room she needs with no pushing, but that time is up. Headed out of Texas to Alabama he intends to at best take Ella back to his house. At worst kidnap her back to his house in Texas. Either way he is done letting her hide from what they have.

Ella is hiding behind walls of her own making. Walls that are protecting her but also pushing her forward in success. After a marriage breakup where her husband was better as a friend than a husband, Ella is tired of being someone she isn’t and branches out into her own. The night her divorce finalizes, she makes her move on Justin, but that is all she intended to be. Never a relationship. Being long distance, she uses that distance to put more distance between them.

As much as Ella wants to hide, she can’t deny the passion that Justin evokes in her. She loves his rough style and kinky ways. So it wasn’t much of a stretch for him to “kidnap” her away to Texas. During the two days, they creates such passion and love between the two of them that the walls start to breakdown, but is two days long enough for Justin to make sure Ella falls for him?

Wow! This book is hot on so many levels. There is truck sex, outdoor sex, sex with bunny slippers, sex behind a bar, in a shower and of course in a bed. It is just one little hot book. Justing knows right away he is in love. He had months before they actually had sex to fall in love with her. But Ella was still married, but separated. Let’s be clear, there was no cheating at all. They did nothing until her divorce was finalized. I did get tired of Ella’s walls after a while. Here was this younger, buff man adoring her, sexing her up, taking care of her and very proud of her in her career. He supported her and waited for her. She kept pushing away and many times “thinking” too much.

Overall, it’s a cute little book that is hot, so wear oven mitts to read it!