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Undeniably Yours - Shannon Stacey Kevin Kowalski never has to worry about the next woman to lay, but he’s not really that kind of guy. Sure he owns a bar and is one hot guy, but Kevin is ready to move past all of this. When he sees a woman in his bar under duress being grouped by her date who is obviously drunk, Kevin calls it quits on serving him any more drinks. This only causes problems for the young beauty, Beth. See, that was Beth’s boss and some how it was all her fault and she got fired.

Now Beth is working in catering gigs and waitressing just to make ends meet, but she has plans on moving on to the next big city anyway. While bartending a wedding, she meets Kevin again who just happens to be the grooms brother. After a night of passion, many miss understandings, a condom that didn’t seem to work, Beth is pregnant.

Kevin is ecstatic while Beth takes her responsibility seriously, she just doesn’t want to get involved with the father. Mostly they spend a major part of the story arguing. Beth won’t take handouts, is constantly arguing with Kevin on every little thing. All Kevin wants to do is help her and be the loving partner in the relationship.

While I like this story, it was disappointing that Beth didn’t realize a lot of the problems were of her own making until the end. You spent a lot of time dealing with her baggage and it got tiring. While she didn’t know Kevin really well in the beginning, she was right to be cautious. But she never let her guard down for about 96% of the book and it just go tiring. The resolution was just like “hey, I guess I do love him.” It just got old after a while and I ended up not liking Beth at all. Now Kevin…I adored Kevin. If only the world was filled with more men like Kevin!

The romance was sweet, but not steamy or hot. It was over a year-long story as you go through Beth’s entire pregnancy. The side story of Sam and Paulie was fun, but it was just that: a side story.

This was just an ok book. Nothing to jump up and down about. Now trying to decide if I want to attempt the first book or any of the other books in this series.