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The Dom Who Loved Me - Lexi Blake Sean Taggert is going undercover to bring down terrorists along with his team. He has his sights set on Grace Hawthorne, the lovely administrative assistant. She’s everything he wants in a woman, including the submissive side he senses is hidden from everyone but him. He lies his way into her life only to suspect she might be in with terrorists and only he can save her.

Grace Hawthorne is thrilled to be the center of Sean’s attentions, but she thinks he is only flirting. When he catches her skinny dipping, she offers him everything he wants. She is the perfect submissive for Sean. By day she is a hard worker, that is getting tired of her bosses rages, but still feels loyalty to him because he gave her job when no one else would. She is the mother of two grown sons and a widow. She doubts that Sean wants more than a one-night stand, but intends to enjoy all the time she has with him. Never suspecting that she is being investigated, she give her heart to Sean.

When attempts are made on Grace’s life, Sean decides to bring her in, but will he believe her innocent or will the evidence take away his logic?

The first half of this book, I was skeptical of this whole love affair. It seemed a little corny and not what I was expecting. Sean loves to cook and the way it is described makes me not really like him. That surprised me since I love men who can cook. He does want out the security business, but his brother is part owner of it and he feels some obligation. Sean isn’t the only team member on the case and some of the others also felt attracted to Grace. So a lot of time Sean was constantly battling the other guys in fits of jealousy. It just seemed a little over the top.

Grace kept topping from the bottom and Sean lets her. She falls instantly into the role of a sub.

The next statements are spoilers, so I have marked them as so.

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There is a lot of drama between Grace and Sean. Trust is lost and while they get it back it is a little easier than it should have been. I didn’t particularly like Sean’s treatment of Grace in the latter part of the book. In particular I didn’t like Ian, Sean’s brother. He obviously has had a bad past and I expect to learn more when he gets his book.

There are a lot of supporting characters that I am assuming will make up this series. You have Jake and Adam, two men who have been through a lot together and expect to find their one. They often go undercover as gay guys. There is Liam, a hard ass who hides his Irish side with a mid-western accent. We don’t get to see Alex McKay much, the other owner of the company, so I couldn’t form much of an opinion. His ex-wife, Eve, is the profiler of the group. At the end of this book, you get insight into who will get the next book in the series and I am looking forward to it.

This is a great first book for the author. I am looking forward to reading more from her in the future.