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Midnight Playground - Eliza Gayle Full Review at: http://www.delightedreader.com/posts/review-midnight-playground-by-eliza-gayle/

Working at Altered Ego can make any woman’s libido go wild, but Eve Blake has had a dry spell in the love department. As a receptionist at Altered Ego, an erotic photography studio, she takes care of all the administrative work while dreaming of being wrapped in Murphy’s rope work while Chase immortalizes it with his camera. Dancing around each other as the attraction builds, an order for a photo shoot comes in. Requested is a redhead with larger curves. When she gives the order to Chase, he tells her right away that they can’t do it because voluptuous redheads willing to model are hard to find. Eve instantly offers herself and she fits the bill entirely.

Chase can’t believe he agreed to Eve’s suggestion that she model for him. He knows it won’t be to just model but to become a sexual submissive to him as well as Murphy. He doesn’t mix business and pleasure and definitely doesn’t share with Murphy having been burned in the past. Murphy is already convinced she is the one to fill their hards and the other part of them.

When a dark scene not part of the photo shoot pushes Eve to find herself, Chase pulls back to hide, but Eve and Murphy won’t let him get away that fast.

This is an incredibly erotic book that confused me as wells as tantalized me. While I understood getting the woman into the roll they are photographing, I really didn’t think they needed to take the scene as far as they did, other than Eve really wanted it while Chase is holding out. Murphy is in the story but we never really get his side of the story and he just accepts it all in stride. It is mostly Chase and Eve that have to deal with the problems of becoming a triad. Eve not so much that there are two men as that she doesn’t believe she is submissive. Chase denies it over past issues, but he feels he has to get Eve’s deep dark secrets out.

That leads me to a part I am recently having problems with on BDSM novels. Why does each sub need to have a deep dark secret or a problem that needs to be fixed? Eve’s secret really isn’t something deep or dark, more like she has a lot of responsibility and needs to let go and be free of the weight as a submissive. But what about Chase’s dark past secret? Shouldn’t he have to reveal that to Eve so he can heal as well? Ok, that is a little deeper than a review should go I guess.

Other than the issue above, I really enjoyed story and was turned on by everything Chase and Murphy threw at Eve. It was a fun and sexy story!