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(DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT) BY [ADRIAN, LARA](AUTHOR)PAPERBACK - Lara Adrian Full review at: http://www.delightedreader.com/posts/review-darker-after-midnight-by-lara-adrian/

Darker After Midnight is the next installment in the Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian. The story picks up where the last one ended. Sterling Chase is in police custody after saving the Order from discovery. He is one step away from bloodlust and knows his days are numbered. His respect and honor in shambles. His only goal is to take Dragos out with him. But to get to him he must go through a senator and his lovely assistant.

Tavia Fairchild identifies Sterling Chase as a shooter at a political party. Scared, but resolute, she picks Sterling from the line up when he breaks free trying to warn her of danger. Whisked away, she tries to come to terms with her feeling, just thinking it is all part of her “illness”. But Sterling comes for her, wanting to protect her from the minions Dragos has injected into high places all across the human world.

Things spiral out of control, shocking secrets revealed, harsh decisions need to be made, cumulating into a shocking finish.

There is so much about this book that would be a spoiler if I said too much. While I was reading it I saw a tweet wondering if this was the end of the series and it kind of ruined the experience for me. It was just a wondering, because while Lara Adrian wraps up a lot of plot points, she leaves quite a few others dangling in front of us. This is either going to continue the series, or a new series will break out from it. Just know I don’t think in any way this is the last of the Breed we have heard.

Now onto a few things I didn’t like. I just didn’t feel the love between Sterling and Tavia. It felt a little pushed and pulled. As usually it is a quick love since it all happens in the course of a week. While I can buy the parts about being mates, this series doesn’t really pull that card as well as it should. The last book about Hunter really disappointed me and this one was only a little above that. Each new book in the series rehashes a lot of older stories so the reader doesn’t really need to read the whole series if they just want the love story. But that does become redundant and takes from the lovers story. That is why I had a hard time with Hunter’s story. I really felt it was just an intro to Sterling Chase’s book.

The ending of this book left me feeling blah. It seemed like an overworked ending with nothing really new to it. After a week of falling in love, fighting the big bad, you are expected to think these two live happily ever after. I just wasn’t buying it.

While I didn’t really care for some of the plot points, it was a good story. Tavia was an interesting character and I really wish the author had delved more into psychic of Tavia. This was a big story twist that I felt fell flat. It was a stroke of brilliance and could have really made this an incredible book, but I felt it was mostly glossed over.

You see Lucan and his Breedmate again, seeing an intimate scene between them. Tegan and his Breedmate reveal a glad tiding. We meet most of all the Order and their own Breedmates again, some of them in small doses, some more.

Darker Than Midnight is an ok book, I just think it misses the point of who the story is supposed to be about and how to move their relationship forward beyond one week. While I would read it again, I just don’t feel the emotion behind the hero and heroine that makes me want them to win, to love and to be re-read. Hoping the next book, gets back to the basic of what the first few books were like.