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Sweet Caroline (Blue Jeans and Hard Hats #1) - Lissa Matthews Newly divorced Caroline is looking for a change. It’s time to sell the home her ex and her owned for years, but it needs a lot of repairs. Wandering the aisles of a home improvement store, she is lost about what to buy. Buck doesn’t do home improvement projects, being a local contractor. But when he sees Caroline confused in the aisles, he takes on her project in more ways than one.

Caroline greets Buck proposal eagerly wanting to move on from her past. She has started her own business, gotten the nipple piercings she has always wanted and now it is time to move onto the cabin of her dreams in the mountains. Buck makes her want to reconsider those dreams and start loving again. But she needs to escape from the memories and Buck doesn’t want to give up his business to move.

As time goes on, Buck inflames Caroline’s passions, and Caroline brings him into her heart. He shows her his toys and she shows him hers. Over the course of a few months, the two find a love that flames hot, but what happens when Caroline leaves to pursue her dreams?

The book starts with Buck seeing Caroline in a sex toy store looking at nipple clamps. Caroline is fascinated by nipple clamps having done a lot of BDSM action with her ex-husband until it turned sour and for the most part cruel and without emotion. When Buck sees what she is looking at, he probes at what type she really wants. Neither one back down from the meeting even though it is slightly uncomfortable seeing as how she just hired him to fix problems on a house she wants to sell. As they move from one item to another in the toy shop, you see in particular Buck getting more and more aroused and intrigued by the woman Caroline is and nobody knows is about. She is a deeper woman than anyone will give her credit for.

Buck decides to take things in hand and approaches Caroline inside her house. As the story moves forward, you feel like they are made for each other, but neither one wants to make the commitment. The feel the tug of love beyond the passion they are indulging. They both hide behind the awesome sex they are having, using belts to bind, clamps, and a spanking to die for.

Lissa Matthews has an amazing writing style. She weaves a story into a finite amount of time, but you feel like you have known the characters forever. The women are curvy and mature, while the men are hard, hot and built, but they are usually younger as well. This is a wonderful book that I recommend you read if you are looking for a good steamy romance with a lot of heart.