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Wilder's Mate - Moira Rogers Full Review at DelightedReader.com

I recently won a copy of the second book in this series and I dislike reading books out of order. So I hurried over to Amazon to get the first book, Wilder’s Mate. I am a fan of Moira Rogers, who is actually a team of writers, Bree and Donna. I was looking forward to jumping into it even though I had no clue what the series as about. Yeah, I do that at times when I love an author so much I don’t care what it is about, I just have to read it.

Starting off the book, I was confused. I didn’t know the time period on the book and I had never read a steampunk book so didn’t recognize it at first. So I spent a period of the book very confused as to what it was about besides the basics of hero and heroine going after a loved one who had been kidnapped by vampires. The intricacies of the book eluded me.

Satira is a young woman who grew up with a bloodhound who was mated to her mother. Bloodhounds are paired with an inventor (I think), so Satira also had a father figure in Nathaniel who was the inventor for Levi (bloodhound). When Nathaniel is kidnapped, the Guild sends a bloodhound to bring him back as he is critical to the war against vampires. In this world, there is nothing much for females to do other than become a whore or wife, but Satira is an inventor apprentice even if no one will acknowledge it, which is where as a woman I get ticked off.

Wilder has had a hard life. He comes home from war and his life is gone as he knows it, so he turns himself over to the Guild to be turned into a bloodhound. For the majority of the book, I had no idea what a bloodhound was (except what was going through my mind) and how you create one. A bloodhound is basically a very big werewolf which have extreme sexual drives certain moon phases and can only shift during moon phases. You don’t see this happen until deeper into the book so it was a little confusing as you tried to imagine what all it meant.

The lovers seem to fall in love extremely quickly as it is a shorter book. While they travel, they hint at attraction till they get into the roles they need to find Nathaniel. The attraction builds until there is no avoiding. When they finally get together, fireworks ignite and you are blown away with the sheer heat rolling off the pages.

In spite of all my confusion, I enjoyed the story and can’t wait to read the next book in the series.