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Melissa McKnight has lusted after Dominic DiMarco since she was a teenager and he was a rookie in the NFL. Her father signs Dominic as a client, and Dominic makes the company a ton of money. Over the years Melissa grows up and becomes an agent in her own right, but still she lusts after Dominic. Never will she mix business with pleasure, or she thinks she won’t. But when her father won’t give her a promotion to agent, she goes out drinking and ends up straight into Dominic’s arms for the night.

Dominic DiMarco walks a straight and narrow line of being the good boy with a handsome body and face. But behind all that glorious good looks, lies a secret he has been hiding his entire career. He won’t let those demons die and carries them with him always. When he falls into bed with Melissa, he is convinced they cannot have anything more than friendship and at best her being his agent. He pushes her away, but he can’t stay away.

This book is beyond haut! And if I thought the first book had a lot of sex, this one had a large amount of public sex that both characters keeps thinking is the last time. If caught it could ruin both of their careers. When Melissa’s father gives her one chance to make an impossible deal, Melissa tries hard to keep her relationship with Dominic a professional one, but neither can resist the other one.

The plot isn’t complicated. A couple who has denied their attraction for years, suddenly fall into bed with each other and finally in love with each other. They must overcome the stigmas of their life and get past their problems with the public eye. There is the side story of Dom’s secret, which is tragic, but really everyone has moved on except for him. On top of that, Melissa is fighting for a career in a man’s world and you feel like punching her father for the twists he throws her way. She put up with it a lot longer than I ever would have.

So if you are looking for a fun, quick read, then this is a good book to read. You don’t need to have read the first book in the series. While you see those characters, their part in the book is small and bears no importance on this plot.