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Game for Anything - Bella Andre Full review posted on http://delightedreader.com

I was in the mood recently for a good football romance. Having been a lover of football for years, recently some changes to my favorite team left me moody and I wanted some feel good romance in the football genre to cheer me up. When I went looking everyone was recommending Bella Andre’s Bad Boys of Football. I had some reservations. Not because of the author or even the book, but because of the price. See the book is approximately 300 pages, but the cost is $11. I always want an author to make money, but I also have a budget to stay within and this price normally would have stopped me dead from buying it, but I was in the mood for football love stories.

NOTE: After I wrote this review, the price came down to $3.99. That is more reasonable for the book length.

In Game for Anything we meet Ty Calhoun making the winning play in the Superbowl. He is the hunky hero every woman wants to be with and scandals abound around him. But really know one really knows him. He doesn’t hide who he is. He comes from a broken family with a drunkard father. Growing up he was always the football hero, but always afraid to invite anyone back to his house. So now that he has his own house and more money than he can spend, he has an open door policy with his team mates and all the women who come and go. But through it all he holds a secret place in his heart for the one girl who got away ten years ago.

Julie Spencer is a top image consultant, but she never takes on sportsmen. Ten years ago after a night of passion, her heart is broken and she vows to stay away from sports. Her shiny image hides some secret family secrets that come to bite her in this book. So when she is offered a ton of money to remake Ty’s images, she can’t refuse it. But he is the one man who broke her heart so how is she going to keep her heart safe and her business running on a good image?

Overall, this was a wonderful book that I dove into head first and didn’t come up for air until I was done. There were a few issues though. It took a while for the full story of how their one night of passion ten years ago played out. And really it was kind of innocent, naive and immature, but then again they were teenagers and you can expect that kind of stuff. The heroine did grate on my nerves a lot. She never would let Ty talk to her about what happened. She made a lot of assumptions about him that just kind of ticked me off, but I also wasn’t the one hurt by him.

Ty is a lot more than just a sports hero. He is also a business man who really is looking for someone to love him. He has held a torch for Julie for ten years even if he won’t admit it. During the story he goes out of his way to do bad things to get Julie’s attention. It was kind of comical.

The love scenes were HAUT! And plentiful.Beware, there is a lot of public sex in this book. That public sex does lead to the confrontation part at the end of the book, but I don’t want to give anymore than that away. Here is just a quote that made me want to jump into the book.

She seemed distracted this morning, and he was hoping he knew the reason why. All night long he’d been falling in and out of triple X dreams of the two of them. Him on her, her on him. Doggy-style. Up against the wall. Sixty-nine.

The ending is kind of crazy, but funny too. Ten years is a lot to overcome, but what they really have to overcome is a teenage misunderstanding and many years of harboring the pain of that night.

Here’s a quote to end on and the reason I needed a good football book…Peyton Manning.

Julie’s question was a good one, and Ty struggled to focus on football rather than what was beneath her panties. “Sometimes there are problems, especially if one of the kids has an attitude. In most cases it isn’t really their fault, though. It can be rough when your folks have been building you up to be the next Payton Manning.”

With that, I would recommend this book.