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Finding My Faith (Six Saviors #2) - Carly Fall Full review at http://delightedreader.com

Finding My Faith is the second book in the series and I have unfortunately not had a chance to read book one. But in reality, you don’t need to read book one to understand the concept and what this particular story is about. It stands on its own with some deep heart felt emotions.

I won’t recap (too much) of the story since you have the blurb above. Faith Cloudfoot is an Native American young lady in her 20s who wants to experience life away from her over protective parents. She is part of a prophesy her tribe believes in, having been born with flaming red hair. When she is kidnapped suddenly while walking home after work, she spirit leaves her body. Not dead, but not doing so good on the living part, no one can see her. Except for Rayner.

Rayner Johnson (Johnson is a not really his last name since his planet doesn’t do last names) is from the planet SR44. When a group of Colonist break free of their prison, Rayner and five warriors are sent to earth to hunt them. Now 200 years later, they are still on the hunt with the worst people in human history as descendants of the Colonists. When a Colonist performs a bad action, he leaves behind what is called ash which the SR44 warriors can pick up and trail.

The warriors track serial type crimes and when a bunch of young ladies with red hair disappear, they send in three warriors to investigate. While out doing investigation work, Rayner sees Faith, but pretends not too. He can only reunite people with their bodies if they know where the body is and they need to have someone they love and who loves them back when he performs the ritual. Later he finds out Faith is one of the kidnapped women and goes in search of her.

The story kind of moves slowly from there. They meet up to try and figure out things, but seem to waste time. Once they watch TV at her apartment for hours. This is how they fall in love, but as a few days go by, Faith almost dies because they are almost too late. The big drama of Rayner falling in love is that he reverts to his human form for the rest of his short life as the people from his planet live for 1000 years. All Rayner wants to do is finish finding all the Colonist and go home. So he tries over and over not to fall in love with a human, which would end his chances of going home forever.

There were some other things that were kind of silly but not enough to ruin the story. On SR44, the people do not have a really physical form, but are made up of “smoke” like substance in various colors. So when the warriors come to earth, they are using a human form to blend in, but at night their eyes glow with colors. At one point the author says it looks like Easter Egg colors. Rayner’s is red, but he uses painful contacts at some points to hide it.

Overall, it was a decently solid sci-fi/fantasy story with a love story angle. The warriors were fierce, but also had soft sides to themselves. The humans were human as you would expect. The plot was a little weak, but overall, it was just decent book for a fun afternoon of reading.