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Inhale - Kendall Grey Full review at http://delightedreader.com

I instantly fell in love with both of the characters in this book and a few of the unsavory ones as well. But I did find myself struggling to get through the first third of the book. The world is totally new to me and it was hard figuring out all the terminology and what the different elements were and how they all played together. But with each new layer added, it became such a wonderful imaginary world to me. The world is basically Realis and Dreaming. While awake, people are living in the Realis world and of course while sleep they are in the Dreaming world. People not a Wylding don’t know about Dreaming, but can be killed while in dream state. Now certain elements are looking to take over the Dreaming world for power.

Dr. Zoe Morgan is a whale biologist who is torn up over an accident that happened to one of her whales. She can now hear whales thoughts and is trying to save them in her dreams. What she doesn’t know is she is a Wylding destined to save Dreaming. She is strong and flat out refuses to give up on her whales. Moving to Australia to take over a job that could grant her a promotion, she doesn’t go looking for love or even the Dreaming world.

Gavin Cassidy is burned out on being a Wylding. He doesn’t have the use of Water any more and is partner is dead. After a year of not being called, he thinks he is in the clear. His recording label is breathing down his back for a new album when suddenly he is called forth again. His muse is Zoe and he starts to regain his use of Water along with tons of new music.

While I wanted to dislike the villain, I mostly liked her style…no, I should really hate her. The villain Scarlet is a Fyre elemental who makes bad girls look good. Other secondary characters rounded out the book nicely from Yileen, Gavins mentor to Adriene, Zoe’s best friend and co-worker.

The connection between Gavin and Zoe almost fried the circuits of my iPad as they rocked the world. Gavin has all the rockstar bad boy moves I know don’t truly exist but oh, boy do I wish they did. His tattooed body is what bad boy dreams are made of! Zoe is the perfect balance for Gavin.

What truly grabbed me was the unique plot. Never have I read a book about the elements or even whales. But the sexy love scenes were a close second in the intimate detail the almost fried me up. Inhale is a must read for anyone looking for a little sizzle to their reading and want a unique story to keep them reading. I can’t wait for the next installment in this series.