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Flaunt It - Natasha Moore Full review at http://delightedreader.com

Everyone comes to Scandals to see the sexy and sassy waitress, Piper. But Ben owns Piper’s heart even if he doesn’t know it. Ben opened Scandal, a bar, but never imagined having a waitress like Piper around. She flirts with everyone, wears short skirts and matching colored sneakers. And all the regulars know her favorite song, Bad Girlfriend by Theory of a Deadman. When it comes on she sways and dances for all to see.

Ben is intensely jealous of his girlfriend, Piper. She’s good for business, but he wants her to only brush up against him or even flash him. So when his friend Paolo calls saying he has a room available at his sex club, Ben takes it up. Hoping to get her exhibition fantasies out of her system, Ben gets a room with a double mirror, knowing a couple will be watching him and Piper. Ben’s betting that this will be what it takes to get Piper to commit to him or it will end with a bang.

When I started this book, I fell in love with Piper. She is so fun loving and free spirited, but I could get where Ben was so jealous of what she felt was innocent flirting. She wore extremely short skirts so when she bends over to clean a table, there is not much left to the imagination. I too love the song Bad Girlfriend, so I was kind of dancing with her through the scene. It was just plain fun.

Ben is more serious. He describes himself as not a big guy but average. So when Piper keeps refusing to move in with him and flirting around, he thinks he has to do something drastic to get her attention. He knows it is a gamble. Either she will get it out of her system or she will be offended and leave.

The scene in the room is off the hook hot. They don’t know truthfully if anyone is watching or not, they just assume. While there are toys galore in the room, the bed and the mirror take center stage. There is some bed pole dancing and wickedly hot love scenes.

While it was a fun read, it is short and I wanted to see more. That is about my only complaint…MORE PLEASE!