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Enchanted Spring (Enchanted, #2) - Josee Renard Full review at http://delightedreader.com

This is an extremely short book…about 15 pages. Jamison has been summoned by his neighbors to run a promotion for their business, MagicMatch. MagicMatch is a dating service with actual magic making it 100% accurate. When their border, Connie, loses her job, they don’t ask questions. They just decide Jamison and Connie will make a great couple and push them together to promote their business.

For an incredibly short book, it packs a lot in, but does leave a lot of questions. I wasn’t sure where the magic came into play, unlike the first book in the series. The couple has been attracted to each other before the book, but when they get together they combust into a lusty scene of love.

That’s about it. We don’t see them move on. It just ends there and that is why I had to dock it a grade level. It’s just too short and I wanted more.