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Always You - Shilpa Mudiganti Full review at http://delightedreader.com

Unfortunately, I could not connect with this book. I assumed I got a final copy of the book but it may have been an ARC. There were several instances of bad punctuation or misspelled words. I usually can forgive that on an ARC book even if it does irritate me, but not on a final one. Since I am not sure which one I received, I will just leave that part alone.

Basically, Andrew and Alex were best friends, when a bad accident happens. Lyla at the time is engaged to Andrew and his death hits her hard. She meets Alex at the funeral and through a brief time, she falls in love again only to have her heart broken when she gets information that Alex was the cause for the accident that killed Andrew. While Alex admits he has been a casanova, he falls so in love with Lyla, he thinks he can heal for having let his friend die. When Lyla breaks up with Alex, he feels he is to blame but she never takes his calls or meet with him to get his side of the story. Now it is five years in the future and they are put on a team together. Lyla is engaged to Nick but really hasn’t given him her heart. Alex is determined to make her fall in love with him again.

The story just fell flat for me. I didn’t really feel the heat or passion between the two. The story spans about 4 weeks where the two and their team travel to various countries for the project. It felt forced in timeline and no real movement between the two until Lyla gets the real story of the accident.

One thing I really had a problem with. Lyla is engaged to Andrew and had no clue who he was traveling with or his friends name. So she finds out long after the fact it was Alex. Seriously, I don’t know all the names of my husband’s friends, but if he is traveling with someone, I know their name and would know what happened if there was an accident. This just felt weak and pushed on us that she was the wronged person in this entire scenario.

Lyla feels like an emotionally dead character for most of the book. Because she has loved and lost twice, she doesn’t think she can trust the male gender as a whole and doesn’t really treat Nick well. He put up with more than I would expect any man to.

Alex’s guilty conscience was irritating too. When the entire story comes out about Andrew, you understand some of Alex’s misguided guilt, but after five years he should have moved on. I wanted to smack him and say move on. Grow up and become a man. Man up!

While this is a début book, I think the author needs to grow some in her writing skills of characters. These characters weren’t likable and I just wanted to stop reading about their whiny love story. I hope as she continues to grow as an author, that I can pick up another book of hers and give it a better review.