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Cath, or Mary Catherine as CITY likes to call her, is making a new life for herself. A troubled past has made her set off on a new course working hard as an assistant to the curator at a London Museum. Learning from her mistakes, she has sworn off men, sex and a wild life. Reminders of her past are permanently etched in ink across her skin.

When a blind date leaves her drunk and alone trying to find her way home, she is rescued by a very unlikely source: CITY. City is the nickname she has given to a man she sees everyday who looks and acts like a banker. Well, City is a banker named Neville Chamberlain, but goes by Nev. City comes to her rescue leading her to his home since she won’t give him any information about herself (even while she is drunk).

The next morning there is confusion on where she is waking up at, but the two are drawn to each other. They skirted around what they really wanted to say and for a long while don’t even learn each others names. Cath holds back the most in this book as it is mostly told from her point of view. She is constantly protecting herself and as the book progresses, we see more and more glimpses into what made her the woman she is.

Nev on the other hand…omg, can I get one of these Englishmen? Sorry, I got off topic there for a moment…

Nev comes from a wealthy and influential family. A family he is trying to put some distance on. He doesn’t want to lose them, he just wants to be his own man and do things his own way. Moving from the family home was a big deal and gave him the freedom he needed. But when his mother and older brother make ridiculous demands of him to keep his banking job, Nev starts to feel a noose around his neck.

The two fill the broken parts of each others hearts and they didn’t even know it. Nev was more easy going about accepting their relationship, which Cath was constantly looking for the easy out, but couldn’t stop the attraction that continued. There is a lot of grief in Cath’s short life and Nev senses this. While he pushes for information, he knows when to back off and let Cath have the breathing room she needed.

While there is a lot of steam rolling from the book, there is seriously some character development that makes you grow to love the characters and the decisions they both make. My heart broke a few times. I even cried at one point. But I got my HEA I wanted and I think the characters will be happy with how they both turned out as well.

The ink has dried on her tattoos and the paint on his canvas too. The love making has left me breathless, the love is lasting beyond the last page of the book and I will cherish this book for years to come.

And who knew Englishmen could be some of the best lovers if you believe Ruthie Knox? I learned something new!

Do yourself a big favor if you are reading this…PRE-ORDER this book. And if you like it, go back and buy Ride With Me also by Ruthie Knox. I never expect to fall in love so much with an author, but I have. Thank you.