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Satin Sheets in Space - Jessica E. Subject If you haven't read any of the books in the 1NS series, let me give you a little info before we start. 1NS is short for 1 Night Stand, a business ran by Madame Evangeline. Madame Eve does background checks on her clients and then matches them up for one night stands. You never see or hear from Madame Eve in any of the books I have read and all the stories are short stories.

Having read a few of these stories, I knew it would be a quick whirlwind of a story with a HEA a the end. And I wasn't let down.

Danyka sounds like a wonderfully delightful woman who society treats pretty badly because she is on the tall side. Having all but given up on dating, she is given a gift of a 1NS from her boss. Not having huge expectations, she is still let down when she thinks she has been stood up by her blind date. When she gives up, she is approached by a man who is taller and wider than her form. Instant attraction forms between the two.

Galan is ready to settle down, but only with one woman. He wants a woman he can continue to see the stars with. While going stopping by Earth, Galan signs up for 1NS hoping to find his mate, but he hasn't told his twin brother, Volan, his plans. When he meets Danyka, she is perfect in every way for him. Not able to help himself, he pleasures her in an alleyway before taking her to his ship, where he must reveal he is an alien.

The love scenes were over the top hot in this very short novella. Instantly there is an attraction between Danyka and Galan. Their large heights work well together and they accept each other right off. One thing that got me was that Galan and Volan had blueish tinged skin. That would have tipped me right off something wasn't quite right with them. Danyka takes it all in stride having believed there was life beyond Earth for many years.

She accepted the two men very easily. Almost too easily, but at time she was just thinking it was for the night and she wanted to experience things she would never get a chance to experience again. But she doesn't know right off that they have picked her for their mate. Never would they force her, she must choose: to stay home safe and sound, or to choose them and a lifetime of love and adventure.

For a short story it was a fun afternoon read while I was on vacation. I would have loved to read a full length novel of this story, but that isn't what 1NS books are about, so I didn't have that expectation when I started reading. This was a great addition to the 1NS series!