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Virgin Territory - Cari Quinn I jumped at the chance to review this book as I have loved reading Cari Quinn's books. Since I am a former IT person, I thought it was a neat concept to have Vincent be a Network Analyst by day and erotic romance writer at night. Well, I am not writing romance of any genre, but I do write reviews of them, so I felt a little connect right off the bat with Vincent...except I am not looking for a muse in the form of sex.

The book jumps right into Kiki and Vincent interacting. He has been attracted to Kiki for months, but now he is getting desperate for a muse when his book deadline is creeping up. While Kiki doesn't know he is a writer, she knows exactly what type of guy he is and wants no part of it. While she has a big loving family, she was dumped at the alter and while over it, still can't quite fall for any guy because she is afraid of being hurt. When the Quikky Snak Gas & Lube is held up, Vincent gets shot, turning a mutual attraction into an opportunity to get to know each other.

Through most of the book Vincent's gun wound gives him twinges of pain, but only once does it really cause any lingering problems. To get Kiki to come over, Vincent offers her a job but is vague about it. When he does reveal it, she does decide to help, but refuses the entire time of taking money from him. They quickly fall into a physical relationship, but both are wounded and can't understand or accept the feelings they are experiencing. Through much of the book they are writing and having sex, but as each starts to think of more, they both remind themselves this is only going to continue to the end of writing the book.

While I wanted to like Kiki's character, I had a hard time understanding why she wouldn't find a real job. She had an almost Master's degree and what sounded like a supporting family. But one thing she did do, was grab life. There were scenes of snowball fights and dancing. She also accomplished a notable first in this book that you have to read to find out about.

Vincent was complex and you didn't really find out why until later in the book. He never lies to the women he is with, but he never develops beyond sex in short periods of times. He lives in an apartment house with his grandmother and best friend while they are remodeling a home. He works as a Network Analyst and also writes books, but it is mentioned he is stingy with his money. You never see him get frivolous.

One minute their both thinking they want more, but afraid to ask for it. Then at times they keep reminding themselves it is only a short love affair. But during the process Kiki learns she is pretty good at writing and likes it. Vincent also learns that while he is a good writer, he is a great writer with Kiki.

When you do learn Vincent's secrets, you want to cry for him, but also tell him to move along. But Kiki has his back, and what I did appreciate was not having the need to send them to the altar after a very short time.

An interesting book that was amusing to read along with some cold showers.