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Wolf Line - Vivian Arend This was such a fun book. There wasn’t any intrigue to get over. It was just plain fun from beginning to end. Now I need to go back and grab the first four books in this series after being hooked right away! But don’t let that fool you, you don’t need to have read the books in the series to understand and enjoy this one. You will just want to read them if they are as good as this one is!

Jared is just enjoying his morning after with a cup of coffee when he spots some guys in the crowd that he wants to avoid. Hoping on a cruise ship to hide, he expects to get right back off before is sails. Alas, no. Impersonating someone else in his pack, he takes on the job of a handy man for the duration of the cruise.

Keri’s helping her friend out on her first cruise just for shifters. When Jared boards, internal mating alarms go haywire! When he doesn’t have the same reaction back at her, she thinks her mating sense is having problems. Unfortunately, she is insanely attracted to him and in a high state of arousal during most of the cruise. Avoidance seems to be the only solution, but her sex drive keeps drawing her to Jared.

When a thief is thought to aboard stealing from the rich and famous (and even some shifter royalty), Keri suspects Jared and Jared suspects Keri. Will this kill their instinctive knowledge that they are mates?

Incredibly and delectably fun! There wasn’t any real hardship with finding out they are mates. Just acceptance which was a little refreshing when there is so much angst just to be mates in most books. The little side story of the thief was amusing without being too deep. Figuring out their identities is pleasant to watch, expanding as they learn that Jared is much more than he appears to be.

For a wonderfully entertaining time of reading, I highly suggest you read this book. It will make any day brighter with laughter, passion, comedy and just plain amusing!