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Archer's Lady - Moira Rogers Despite what other bloodhounds and Guild think, Archer did not betray them. He is working to redeem himself one job at a time when he is sent to Crystal Springs on the edge of civilization. Crystal Springs was once a thriving city of farmers and their family when vampires started attacking. In desperate need of help, the town is on the verge of extinction. Archer is sent in to clean up the vampires and bring order back to the town.

Grace is working on redeeming herself by staying on the edge of civilization. When vampires start attacking, she battles daily not to run. Posing as a school teacher she tries to believe she is worth redemption. Archer comes into town as Grace is battling her conscious again on why she should stay or why she should leave.

Upon getting to Crystal Springs, Archer realizes there is a female bloodhound the Guild knows nothing about. Not one to run to the Guild at every turn, he keeps it to himself. But Archer needs to find out why the town is being attacked by the vampires, one farm at a time while battling a growing lust for the lying, but sweet school teacher.

After having read the first book, I finally understood what a bloodhound was and how the moon phases affect them. This is very much a steampunk genre as they are using weapons made by inventors, like a bomb that shoots out sunlight that was developed in the first book. While it is steampunk, this book doesn’t delve as deep into it as the first one.

The romance grew gradually through the book cumulating into one of the moon phases that makes a bloodhound a horny guy with a huge protective streak.

Together they venture out on the range trying to determine what the vampires are looking for and find a lot of secrets one doctor tried to hide.

Action packed with suspense and lots of hot love scenes, this book will keep your heart racing from beginning to end.