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Colters' Promise - Maya Banks Colters’ Promise is a wonderful new book in the Colters’ Legacy series. There wasn’t any one focal point of the story, but a little from each family. We meet Lily again from Colters’ Lady after she has been living with Seth, Michael and Dillon as their wife and they as her husbands. From her story we learn her fear of having another child after losing her daughter, Rose, to SIDS. This fear translates into this story when she realizes she is pregnant again. The terror she feels, but also the love that comes from being a parent, flow through her. We watch how she grows and adjusts to being pregnant and telling her husbands.

Holly, the original Colters’ woman, is so happy to have all her family home. She is know as the worst cook in the family, but this year she is taking lessons from Lily. Determined to show her family she can cook, while serving them a wonderful meal at Christmas. A road block comes her way that shakes the foundation of the Colter family.

And finally we see Callie and Max again. They still both are living a D/s lifestyle, but Max has left town to help his sister. Callie comes home after working in the family bar, collapsing on the couch with a strep throat. When Max comes home he worries and takes care of her but also reveals his sister was abused by her boyfriend. The two bring his sister back into the family fold.

The biggest part of this story is the love of family and being there in the good times, but also the bad times. The story brings all the generations together in a display of love, even if it isn’t the most conventional love we are all used too.

The love is pure, but there isn’t a lot to the love scenes. Lily and her men get a scene, but no others. While sexy, this story wasn’t about being erotic and sexy. It was about family.

A good addition to the Colters’ Legacy series, but I wished it had been longer with more details.