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Sweet Possession - Maya Banks, Caroline Wintour I have been wanting to read this book for a long time. In fact I would love to read all the books in this series, but the price point has had me shying away from it for months. I have problems with paying more than $10 for books under 400 pages. So I put off buying these books over and over. But I ran up some credits on Audible and started walking. So I decided to use my credits on a few books. So this review comes from the audio version of the book.

Lyric Jones is on top of the world, but her private life is in the dump. Through tragic events in the past she surrounds herself with people, having meaningless sex with her bodyguards, while out on tour. When Lyric starts getting threatening notes left in her private living areas, her crew is quick to hide it from her, but also to know they need to replace all the security forces around her.

Connor Malone…oh, Connor. I have loved this guy through all the books I have read. Great brother, fabulous son and about as straight a guy as any. When his father assigns him security of Lyric Jones, he just can’t figure out why. He’s not a bodyguard. Obviously sneering at her, they don’t get off on the right foot and I wouldn’t have liked him either.

The two must learn to live with each other as Lyric does a small show in Texas. Connor removes her from any contacts in her life and introduces her to his life and friends. We get to see the gang all over again. Serena, Faith, Angelina, and Julie. The ladies have a lot of appearances and appearances without clothes, and even introduce Lyric to alcohol.

The suspense of who was the stalker really fizzled out. Maya Banks builds it up and you think it will be a big part of the book and bam! It’s done. Overall, it ends up being such a small part of the story after building you up. She does throw a different twist at you that saves some of it in the end.

While I felt sexual tension between Lyric and Connor, when they come together, I just didn’t buy that they let everything go to be together. All of a sudden Connor turns in to the most wonderful guy and Lyric needs to get over her issues. It kind of seemed to be rushed.

What’s not rushed that I love is the fact that they all don’t just become a couple at the end of each book. They don’t jump into marriage after a short courtship. Their stories continue throughout the series. This is what makes me wish I had not read these out of order…it is a huge pet peeve of mine.

I do wonder if the audio version made me a little harsher on the book. I think I would have liked it in print form better. This was listened to over a course of over a month, so at times I felt lost when I started it up again. So maybe after I get caught up (never), I might make a pass at the print version…if the price comes down.