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Echo Falls - Jaime McDougall I looked forward to this book and enjoyed it for the most part. I had a few issues with timing on revealing the important elements of the book. The book starts out with Phoebe running away from danger only to be attacked by a werewolf. Now you never see her freak out about it, which was a little weird, but then she doesn’t realize there are werewolves in town until later. You suspect what her secret it right away but it all just felt more confusing than interesting.

Aidan is a detective investigating a series of werewolf murders. The town doesn’t know they are werewolves, they just think people are being murdered. So Aidan is stepping lightly with his two partners, who are werewolves as well. Aidan saves Phoebe from the werewolf attack and tries to connect with her to let her know she is now a werewolf. See you can already guess the secret since Phoebe doesn’t even think about what the attack could mean. But then Phoebe is on the run from someone who keeps finding and stalking her. She thinks she must skip town again, but she is tired of doing that.

In reality, the heroine thinks she can fix everything when she really can’t. Then there is Aidan being he alpha of the pack, but I never really bought he was the alpha. He seemed more beta to me than anything. Not a softie, but not someone who leads either.

One main character seems to bite a bullet literally in the book, which felt a little pushed rather than shocking.

Overall, it was a good attempt, but the writing needs some time to mature and fill in the gaps and emotions of the story that I couldn’t get into.