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Melt Into You - Roni Loren Young lovers, Evan and Jace, have one night of passion when they are to young to deal with the consequences. When things blow up on them both, Evan takes to the streets on the run and Jace is kicked out of the house by his father.

Now years later, Evan is on tour with her fake fiancé, promoting his career as a couples counselor, on the cusp of getting his own talk show. The secret is her fiancé is gay and committed to another man, but he needs Evan to help with his image. He saved Evan when she was on the verge of committing suicide and now is her best friend she feels she owes.

Jace tried to be the good son and go int the family business and marry the right woman. But he wasn’t happy so he started his own sex toy store with help from his friend Andre. But his wife couldn’t handle it and left him…but not without digging for as much money as she could get in alimony. Now Jace needs Evan’s fiancé to endorse his store for couples, unbeknownst that Evan is his fiancé.

The two meet and sparks fly from an old romance, but Jace won’t risk his business getting involved with Evan again. He’s also been burned and can’t commit to any woman, but still loves to dominate them.

Evan’s stressed, so her fiance gives her a three month membership to The Ranch. The Ranch is a BDSM club that caters to all kinds of fantasies, but mostly Jace and Andre are members and Doms. Evan goes with them as their sub for the weekend, but holds onto her heart knowing they could easily break it and she can’t afford that.

The intricate weaving of the lovers was painful and wonderful to watch. Each had so many hurts and desires for their life that had to be peeled back to see what was real and what was just defensive layers. We don’t know in the beginning all the details the one night the lovers originally come together and this shapes their lives. Each little bit adds to the puzzle until you see two people who were torn up and put themselves back together.

While Jace and Evan had a past, we little by little pull Andre into the lovers mix and find that Andre loves Jace as much as he could love Evan. This is just as much a M/M romance as it is a M/F or even a M/F/M romance. Each type of romance growing slowly and deeply.

Let’s not forget the heat though. The sexy love and non-love scenes scorched up the pages as I kept turning and turning as fast as I could read. I stayed up till 1 in the morning because I couldn’t put the book down it was so good.

The story just doesn’t take place over one weekend, but several months, which was refreshing not to see everyone jump at once into love. There is heartache and pain. It isn’t a simple love story and the pain wasn’t from the BDSM everything as much as it was emotional pain of dealing with the past, present and possibly a future together.

I highly recommend this book. It just pushed all the right buttons with me and had me wanting the next book faster than Roni can write it!