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Riding Wild - Jaci Burton I have been wanting to read this series for some time. Just a problem with pricing kept me from buying it for a long time, but I couldn't wait any longer.

So this story starts with a museum heist, where the hero is doing the heisting and the heroine is scooping out the security. But oh, they have a past together that is painful, but has followed through the years to this point.

Mac Canfield started young as a thief on the very wrong side of the law. But the one thing he loved was Lily West. She came for a well-to-do family who scorned him. To save her heart and hopefully send her on a better path in life, Mac breaks her heart. But neither Mac or Lily's father could predict she would defy them both and go into law enforcement instead of becoming an attorney like her daddy.

Now ten years later, the two meet. Mac tries to prove that he is an ex-thief on the right side of the law. Recovering a lethal virus to protect millions who could die if it got in the wrong hands. But Lily trusted him once, ten years ago, she won't make that mistake again and tries to thwart Mac at every chance. Mac has been sworn not to tell her about the Wild Riders, but after a particularly tough get away attempt makes Mac see he can't keep that a secret from her.

When they are almost caught, Mac takes her to headquarters, where only one other woman has ever been allowed into. This quote stuck with me, imagining five hunks pouring out to look at Lilly.

She was swarmed as soon as they stepped out the door. Five men poured out of the open rooms upstairs and descended on her. It was like an invasion of big, beefy testosterone.

Through the entire book, there is just a hint of danger lurking around each corner. They are followed, shot at, stalked. You never know what was going to jump out at them next. But the majority of the story is about two people who love each other, beginning to trust each other again. And let's not forget that there is ton of sexy scenes. Not only were they being stalked and hunted, they were having the most amazing sex in ten years!

While I enjoyed the story, it isn't the best I have read from Jaci. Now that would be the Play by Play series. But this one was fun to read and I am already looking forward to the next story in the series.